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Improve sales and your company image

Poor photos damage your sales and they don't help your company image. Grey skies; other agents' boards, builders' toilets; weird colourcasts; wonky verticals etc. None of these help your property marketing...

  • Property photos
  • Property photos
  • Property photos
  • Property photos
  • Property photos
  • Property photos

Sending Photos via EASY (Estate Agency System)

Couldn't be Easier - Our simple Registration form is all you need to complete to start using our services...

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Competitive prices - discounts for volume

Prices start at £1.80 per photo for basic edits including colour corrections, repairing minor scratches, correcting wonky perspectives etc. Estate agents can save more with our 'pay in advance' rates for volume orders...

How to send your photos to The Doctor

  1. What The Doctor needs from you when you send him your photos...
  2. How to send one-off photos...
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Win better-looking properties to sell

Well-taken photographs can make the difference between 'For Sale' and 'Sold'! People with better-looking properties know this. Doctor-Photo will teach you, at your own premises, how always to make great property marketing photos...


Doctor-Photo helps estate agents and others who don’t have the time or skill to make their images better once they’re out of the camera.
Yet there’s no such thing as a digital photo that can’t be improved by post-processing in Photoshop.